About Coastal Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Coastal PhysioThe principal and only  physiotherapist at Coastal Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic has extensive post graduate experience and employ the latest physio techniques and treatment that a completely personalised so they will work for you. The treatment that you receive will be unique to you and completely tailored to your condition and your life. Any exercises provided will be be what you need rather than a list of common exercises. We a pragmatic and realise that time is always an issue so we make sure we make the exercise programs achievable. We only treat one patient at a time and all treatment is hands on!

The treatment provided will always be supportive and caring whilst pushing you in a gentle manner to achieve your best. Our aim is always to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time.
We look to achieve quick but lasting solutions to all your pain and injury needs.

We provide some of the following physio treatment options:

  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Specific retraining and strengthening of muscles
  • Muscle stretching strategies
  • Self joint mobilisation techniques
  • Mobilisation of the nerves 
  • Integrated Cold Laser Therapy
  • Specific massage techniques to help reduce soft tissue tension
  • McKenzie therapy 
  • Mulligan’s mobilisation
  • Expert Assessment and correction of posture
  • Swiss ball training
  • Dry Needling (acupuncture)
  • Work set up advice and correction
  • Taping to help prevent injuries and reduce pain
  • Mirror box training 
  • Exercise programs for lumbar and cervical control and pain
  • Ultrasound and TENS
  • Physio led Pilates classes and training to help improve neck and back control and strength
  • Strength training specific to your sport
  • Flexibility and warm up programmes
  • Plyometric training for explosive sports
  • Functional Myofascial Kinetics © 
  • Myofascial stretching

Your Gold Coast Physiotherapist with the skills to get you moving again!

Your assessment will determine your treatment and the Physiotherapy options available to you will be discussed with you. I am  the physiotherapist that changes peoples lives one person at a time.

For more information, or to book (BOOK NOW) your initial consultation, talk to your friendly Gold Coast Physio today on (07) 55 271071.