Eight Ways to reduce strain when using a tablet or laptop

There has been much talk in the news about the effect that iPads and other tablet and laptop devices have on our necks and shoulders. These devices have revolutionised the way in which we work and those that use them know that one could easily spend hours on them without moving. Physiotherapists around the country and world are seeing more and more neck pains and headaches from excessive time spent in poor positions in front of these types of devices. This self help guide follows on from an article highlighting the role that tablet devices can play in developing neck pain.

  1. Take regular breaks. I would recommend at least every 15 minutes for a matter on half a minute. Move and change position as often as you can. As a general rule if you already begin to feel some ache then you have already being in one position for too long. Consider setting an alarm to remind you to move. There are apps available for this.
  2. Consider standing as an alternative and move between sitting down and standing up.
  3. The angle of the tablet, laptop needs to be such that you aren’t bending down at an acute angle. The more your head is bent the more problems that you might have
  4. Think of synching device to a larger screen. There are ways to do this and this would be well worth exploring especially if you are using your device frequently.
  5. Consider using a separate keyboard if you are doing allot of typing on the screen keyboard.
  6. Doing rely on the cover case to achieve the best position for the device. You are ideally looking neck down position of no more than 15-20 degrees. Many cases don’t allow you to achieve this. Try them in the shop in different positions to buy the one best suited.
  7. Correct your posture regularly starting with the low back position, the middle back and the shoulders and then the head.
  8. Watch your position that you are sitting in. The back should be in a neutral position without the curve extending into the thoracic region. The shoulders should be relaxed without being rounded and a slight relaxed retraction on the shoulder blade should be adopted.

If you use your tablet or laptop frequently you might well need further assistance for any neck and shoulder pain or headaches. There is a solution and it is not as hard as you might think it would be.
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