Neck and Head Pain: Time to change your life... get the treatment to make the difference

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Neck and Head Pain: Time to change your life… get the treatment to make the difference

With the right treatment those horrible head pain  that are ruining your life could be a thing of the past. Different headaches require different types of treatment. This article will help you get the right treatment for your headache. Not all headaches can be resolved by taking an over-the-counter pill and require physiotherapy to relieve the tension; however, identifying the actual type of headache you are experiencing is essential getting the right treatment applied to it is the real challenge.


Those suffering from mild to severe pulsating with throbbing sensation are probably experiencing a migraine headache. Sensitivity to light and other more severe symptoms may be also manifested such as vomiting, nausea or dizziness. While medication can be helpful in dealing with some migraines, physiotherapy by way of relieving tension in the shoulders and neck area also known to have an effect.


The type of headache most people are familiar with our tension headaches – the aggravated sensation that something inside the head is being stretched, or held in tension. This type of head pain is definitely the normal result of muscular tension at the back of the neck. While a simple panadol can directly take some pain away, what often works to more completely remove the tension (in large part due to poor posture being practiced by a person at their desk) are physio treatments – be they in the form of massages, heat therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, better posture, mobilizing the joints, or stretching and strengthening exercises.

Cervicogenic (Neck)

Neck headaches or Cervicogenic head pains are product of dysfunctional situations involving the neck area that causes larger pain throughout the shoulders and the head. A more involved and constant dull aching is the major way this form of headache presents itself, the direct area of causing the pain and the array of symptoms ranges wildly, with the latter appearing as pain in the neck itself, to tension in the jaw or temple area, pressure in the fore head and the back of the head, or pain that increases or relents depending on the specific posture of the patient at the moment.

Because of the wide range of presenting issues, severe neck pains may get confused with other varieties of headaches, so careful examination and reporting is needed to diagnose it. Cervical headaches of this type are definitely candidates for physio treatment in order to alleviate, and to be ultimately resolved. The success rate for these headaches is very high if you go to the right physio and the right treatment is applied.  As a Physio on the Gold Coast in Australia we see people who have had this type of headache for over 20 years. With the right treatment and long-term the result is often quite miraculous. Cervical headaches are often associated with acute physical trauma in your history such as sports injuries and whiplash from vehicle accidents.

If you are struggling with an headaches that you think might be coming from your neck then get yourself assessed to get the right treatment for you. I offer specialised Head pain Clinic providing accurate assessment and treatment tailor made for you.

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