Patient Centered Participatory Approach

Ian Harris physio

I know I have been quiet here on Facebook for some time now. The truth is I have been working on a Patient Centered Participatory Approach for treating patients with joint, muscle and nerve problems. I have retreated to explore my thoughts on creating a more inclusive and fully integrated personal approach to treatment. I did not want to add to all the noise in social media that adds to the confusion we all feel.

The Past , Present and Future

I have been practising for close on 30 years and have seen many treatments come and go and sometimes re-merge.  I have been running Coastal Physiotherapy and Sport’s injury Clinic for over 12 years now. When I started I think I was aiming for perfection.  As we all know that is impossible to achieve. My slogan I started with was “Excellence in Physiotherapy” and whilst I still strive for excellence I realise that in this world there is so much more to achieve than just excellence. I am now a bit older and a bit wiser… I hope. For me now excellence in physiotherapy is so much more. It is about working with my patient to create an integrative and personalised treatment and rehabilitation program that is theirs and I have the privilege to be involved in. This process has led me to explore many treatment approaches. Those that know me know that I leave no stone unturned to achieve the best result for my patients. My thoughts have led me to explore how I integrate my joint, soft tissue and nerve treatment and exercise techniques with the absolute power of the mind/ brain in producing phenomenal results.

The Neuro-somatic approach

This whole-body/brain/mind approach born from research in the fields of biomechanics, tissue healing, physics, anatomy (both abnormal and normal), social and individual psychology as well as clinical trials have led me to an approach the respects the individual nature of movement and pain. Like a magpie I have borrowed and used techniques from all fields of medicine and practical psychology that have been shown to work.  These include treatments such as Cold Laser Therapy and techniques to increase awareness of the body and the physiological reactions when the body is under and duress. These are not used as separate treatments but rather integrated with all the other tried and tested approaches to achieve even better and accelerated healing. An approach that recognises that the body needs to be treated as an entire system not individual body parts in isolation. The shoulder can be affected by the neck, the neck can be affected by the back, the feet can affect the back and so on. The way we move or don’t move or don’t move can affect our recovery or in fact bring about pain states. An approach that recognises that our mind and brain can and does affect our physical wellbeing and our recovery in every one of us. All my treatments now involve the whole-body/brain/mind approach born in which you get the most of research from fields seemingly unrelated to physiotherapy but places you as the driving force behind the treatment approach. This does not mean a hands-off approach but just an extremely hands on approach tailor made for you.

From Excellence to You

Whilst I still believe in “Excellence in Physiotherapy” I feel now I have a softer but more powerful approach to “Reduce pain…Sustaining wellbeing…. Optimising life” The same values but with you at the centre of the process. (Patient Centered Participatory Approach)

So Just like the tide that has receded it surges with new vigour, so I have been collecting my thoughts to bring you an integrated approach to your treatments. This will reflect my information I give you, the way I present you with information here in Social media. I’m back with an approach whilst still excellent but so much more you and more powerfully you. I hope that I don’t just add to the noise that confuses but further enhance the power you have to heal many of your ailments. Reducing Pain.. Sustaining Wellbeing and Optimising life.

Written By Ian Harris

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