Reduce the strain on your wallet with HCF's More for Muscles program

“Got a niggling ache or strain that needs to be looked at by a physiotherapist? Does the cost of an initial consultation put you off?

It won’t any more. More for muscles gives HCF members with Extras cover one fully covered initial assessment – which includes a diagnosis and treatment plan – at a participating physiotherapist each year subject to your annual limits.

Research shows the highest out-of-pocket expense for physiotherapy is at the initial consultation, where the physiotherapist diagnoses the problem and designs a treatment plan. High costs are something we all want to avoid.

Yet other research shows that early intervention by a physiotherapist can help reduce the pain of an injury, faster.

If you have an ache or strain, it’s important to get it seen to by a physio as soon as possible. With More for muscles, you can avoid the high cost of an initial physio session and get back on the road to recovery faster.”

Many of our patients enjoy the benefits that HCF can offer, and it is a great way to reduce the cost of physiotherapy treatments.

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For more information, or to book (BOOK NOW) your initial consultation, talk to your friendly Gold Coast Physio today on (07) 55 271071.