Diary of a Physio and Barefoot Runner

barefoot-runnerIan’s blog, Diary of a Physio and Barefoot Runner details his journey of getting back into fitness and health, despite his pre-existing injuries:

“…since then, my left knee has never quite been the same. My injury has never really stopped me, but I have to start up very slowly. I’ve managed to run in a few half-marathons since, but I’ve never really kept it up.”

Ian has chosen to run barefoot, using the Phil Maffetone training process to ensure he doesn’t overexert himself in his training regime.

“The aim of this blog, and my running trial, is to get fit, but with no particular race goals in mind so I can run whatever I need to run. I can run with the kids, I can choose to do a 21k run. I’m not just training for the next big race; I’m training for the rest of my life: rather than looking backwards, at the athlete I was, I’m looking forwards, to the athlete I will become again.”

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Ian’s Blog: Diary of a Physio and Barefoot Runner

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