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Can the neck cause headaches?

Iheadachen the last 20 years, the International Headache Association (IHA) recognised what physiotherapists have known for many years:  the neck can be responsible for headaches. Any structures associated with the top 3 vertebrae can be responsible for causing headaches. These structures include the muscles, joints bone and nerve.

In addition to the structures of the neck it is estimated that 1 in 3 cervical (neck) headaches have signs related to the jaw, which makes it essential that a thorough assessment is completed before any treatment is adopted. This is to make sure that that:

Clinical trials have highlighted the need for specific deep muscle stabilisation exercises combined with general muscle length and strength exercises can help headaches improve greatly.  

Integrated Physiotherapy for Headaches

At Coastal Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we operate a Headache Clinic in which we provide a thorough assessment of your neck, jaw and general body to check for any issues which might impact on your recovery. As a result we are able to apply a treatment and rehabilitation program that is tailor made for you. We also integrate the proven benefits of Cold Laser Therapy with proven physiotherapy techniques to improve the success of the treatment.

We are referred patients who have tried many treatments with some or little success and what makes the difference is making sure we treat you and implement all the strategies into your life.
We will:

  • Provide a thorough assessment of your neck, your jaw and your general posture.
  • This will include a movement assessment of your joints, your muscles and nerves.
  • A thorough posture assessment will be conducted.
  • Treatment strategies will be formulated and discussed with you.
  • We implement treatment strategies that are evidence-based and tried and tested to make a difference.
  • You will be provided with common sense rehabilitation that will allow you to function normally.
  • We implement a program for the deep stabilisers of the neck (both the flexors and the extensors) as well as the larger mover muscles to allow you to function better.
  • We will highlight any postural issues and implement active strategies to help improve this.
  • We will assess and treat the vestibular functioning as this can affect the neck and increase the headaches as well.

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