Persistent (Chronic) Pain Management

Persistent Pain Is different and needs to be treated differently.


Persistent pain is different to acute pain. This fact is important to understand as it will affect the treatment you need. At Coastal Physiotherapy & Sport Injury Clinic we provide a service which understands that suffering from persistent pain is different from dealing with acute pain: It affects your life much differently. You probably have adapted your life and changed the way you do things or you might have stopped doing certain activities completely.

What is Persistent Pain?

Strictly speaking, persistent pain (chronic pain) is defined as ‘pain that lasts for longer than 3 months’as opposed to acute pain: ‘a pain which is a result of a recent injury’. Acute pain comes on quickly and goes very quickly as well.

Integrated Persistent Pain Management

At Coastal Physiotherapy & Sports Injury clinic we understand that Acute and Persistent pain needs to be treated differently. The multi-factorial nature of persistent pain means that the assessment and treatment needs to be specific to your needs. Through years of dealing with patients with Persistent (Chronic) pain we have developed a service that is designed to meet the needs of the persistent pain sufferer.
The key factor in the treatment approach is that the mechanisms involved in chronic pain are vastly different from acute pain and must, therefore, be assessed and treated in a different manner. 

We are often referred patients who have had years of pain and seen many different clinicians. We understand Persistent (Chronic) pain and work with you to get your life back together, while keeping you in control of how your pain affects your life. This makes us different. We work closely with your GP and liaise with any other parties involved (nutritionist, psychologist etc.). We see people who have had pain for as little as 3 months to 50 years of pain.  We see all chronic pain: back, neck, shoulder, Headaches, TMJ.

What makes us different?

  • We understand that Persistent (Chronic) pain is different, and the treatment needs to be tailored to reflect this difference.
  • We will teach you in simple terms about the complex mechanisms involved in chronic pain and how we can use this understanding of how pain is processed to allow you to take control of your pain.
  • Everyone is different, and one size doesn’t fit all. Your treatment will be yours and your physio will discuss your treatment plan with you.
  • Purely passive treatment does not work at all: We look at your activity levels and aim to get you moving again by taking control of your pain
  • Sometimes pain clinics don’t do any hands on treatment. We are different: our assessment is truly 3 dimensional and we will establish what focused, hands-on treatment you need.
  • Your goals for treatment are our treatment goals: what you want out of treatment is important to us and we set up your rehabilitation goals around these goals. Maybe you haven’t been able to mow the lawn for years; we will break that activity down and look at how we could things differently to reduce the forces on the body and look at look at how you would pace yourself to gain control of your pain.
  • We work with you to improve your fitness safely whilst minimising flare ups.
  • In the event that flare ups occur, we will develop strategies to help you deal with these.
  • We promise to work with you in partnership to help you gain control of the pain, so that you can lead a more fulfilled life.
  • Short, medium, and long-term treatment goals are discussed and implemented once agreed with you.

Many chronic pains victims might benefit from an Enhanced Primary Care plan, so why not talk to your GP to benefit from a Medicare Rebate for some of your treatment.

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