Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Ian a Sports Physio: Athlete, Weekend Warrior and Physio

When It comes to Sports Physio a true understanding of the athlete whether an elite athlete or a weekend warrior is so important. Ian has a long history of sporting involvement both as a sports physio and athlete. He was a 400m hurdler and qualified for the world junior games way back when he still had hair. However, work commitments and minor niggling injuries hampered his career so he understands what the injured athlete feels when injured. He has done numerous half marathons and canoe marathons. Ian has worked in a Movement Analysis Laboratory in Sheffield, the United Kingdom in which he developed the essential skills of sporting technique analysis. He has taught on post-Graduate Sports Physio Course at Sheffield Hallam University (UK) and at Griffith University (Australia). He provides Sports Physiotherapy that makes a difference at all levels.


Ian Physio Hurdling and Sports Physio

A much younger Ian Harris

Ian has been extensively involved with sports teams and on-field treatment.

Ian’s experience both sporting and physiotherapy and his Patient Centred Participatory Approach (PCAP)  means that we expertly assess and treat any sports injury.  Through combining treatments and assessment approaches from all fields of medicine to provide a Sports Physiotherapexperiencece that is unique to you and your sport.


All level of Sporting Athletes

Often sports physiotherapists market themselves by the top athletes they treat but at Coastal Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we take great pride in being able to bridge the gap across our top level, professional sportsmen and women to our weekend footballers, or runners who manage to get out twice a week.

At Coastal Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic both Ian has extensive personal and professional involvement in:

  1. Preventing sports injuries
  2. Treating and rehabilitating sports injuries and
  3. Improving sports performance

What makes us different:

  • The Patient Centered Participatory Approach (PCAP) means that you are at the centre of our team. Your goals, fears and ambitions drive the treatment whilst I provide the experience and knowledge from a host of medical and physio treatment approaches.
  • We understand that most of our sports people are not professional athletes and don’t have unlimited funds for treatment, and unlimited time to do all the exercises and rest.
  • We realise that most sports people also work and sport is often their passion but work pays the bills.
  • I have had my own injuries and understand how this affects you on a personal basis. This can be frustrating but very fulfilling it is when you get them right.
  • Prevention is better than cure. We offer sports screens to help prevent injuries. Many weekend warriors carry on with minor injuries. I offer a comprehensive assessment to deal with many minor injuries and prevent more serious injuryies.
  • We offer the latest treatment from deep tissue massages, facial train treatment, acupuncture, joint mobilisation and provide evidence based exercise programs to get you better.
  • We understand that you won’t have endless financial resources and aim to involve you in your treatment to get you better quicker.
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